Lendle to integrate USDe from Ethena Labs

3 min readApr 29, 2024


Lendle is enhancing its DeFi lending platform by integrating USDe, a unique synthetic dollar developed by Ethena Labs. This integration signifies a significant expansion in Lendle’s money markets.

Ethena Labs: Innovating DeFi Solutions

Ethena is focused on reshaping the decentralized finance landscape through its innovative synthetic dollar, USDe.

Ethena enables the creation and redemption of a delta-neutral synthetic dollar, USDe, crypto’s first fully-backed, on chain, scalable, and censorship-resistant form of money.

The mechanism backing USDe enables the first “Internet Bond” offering a crypto-native, value-accruing, dollar-denominated instrument, derived from staked asset returns (to the extent utilized in backing) and the funding and basis spread available in perpetual and futures markets (Ethena Overview | Ethena Labs)​.

Stability Through Delta Hedging

Central to USDe’s stability is its delta hedging mechanism, which meticulously balances the portfolio to mitigate the risks associated with price volatility of its backing assets:

USDe derives its relative peg stability from executing automated and programmatic delta-neutral hedges with respect to the underlying backing assets.

Hedging the price change risk of the backing asset in the same size minimizes fluctuations in the backing asset price as the change in value of the collateral asset is generally offset by the change in value of the hedge.

This enables the synthetic USD value of the collateral to remain relatively stable in most market conditions. (Ethena Overview | Ethena Labs)​.

To learn more about USDe, we kindly redirect you to Ethena’s own documentation.

Benefits to Lendle Users

The integration of USDe into Lendle’s DeFi platform offers several distinct advantages for its users, enhancing both the usability and appeal of the platform. Here are the primary benefits:

Enhanced Stability

For Lendle users, the availability USDe means they can plan and execute financial strategies with greater confidence, knowing their assets are less likely to be subject to abrupt market movements. This makes USDe an ideal choice for managing debts, leveraging positions, or safeguarding capital against crypto market volatility.

Diversification of Financial Portfolio

The addition of USDe to Lendle’s markets opens up new possibilities for users to diversify their financial activities. This diversification can enhance users’ investment portfolios by adding a layer of stability and potential income through various DeFi activities, which is particularly appealing for users looking to balance higher-risk investments with stable assets.

Staking USDe for Extra Yield

A particularly innovative use case for USDe involves the opportunity for users to stake on Ethena the USDe they borrow from Lendle, enabling them to earn additional yield on their debt. This strategy not only helps maximize the utility of borrowed funds but also introduces a unique approach to managing debt in DeFi.

Implementation Timeline


  • Users will be able to start supplying USDe on Wednesday, 1 May 2024.


  • We will enable borrowing USDe after $100k worth of USDe has been supplied to the market.


The integration of USDe, marks a pivotal development in Lendle’s evolution. By leveraging the stability mechanisms of USDe, Lendle is set to offer a more robust and diversified financial platform that aligns with the needs of modern DeFi users.