Lendle’s Mantle Journey — on Galxe!

We welcome you to our incentivized campaign.

3 min readSep 11, 2023

Mantle Journey

Recently, Mantle has announced its Mantle Journey initiative to further strengthen its ecosystem. By participating, users get to enter this open-access and performance-based program that is designed to track and index individuals’ ecosystem activities and distribute incentives to each participant fairly.

In the initial pilot phase, Season Alpha, all participants can earn Mantle Journey Miles and unlock tiered rewards from a 20,000,000 $MNT reward pool at the end of the season.
If you wish to learn more about the program, check out Mantle’s official announcement and Mantle Journey’s official portal.

As part of the Mantle DeFi ecosystem, Lendle was integrated in the program, as well. This means that users’ activities on our platform are also tracked for the purposes of Mantle Journey.

Find out how to make the most of Lendle’s integration in this article!

Lendle’s participation

Lendle’s integration in Mantle Journey ensures that users can obtain Mantle Journey Miles by performing on-chain activities on our platform.

In order to guide users through this process, we have created a Galxe campaign for the occasion.
By participating in this campaign, users are guided step-by-step through the tasks that grant them Mantle Journey Miles.

Besides following our social accounts, users will need to prove that they have completed 4 on-chain tasks on Lendle in order to successfully pass the campaign:

  1. Deposit an asset;
  2. Borrow an asset;
  3. Stake $LEND;
  4. Lock $LEND.

However, this campaign is not just a useful guide to obtain Mantle Journey Miles, but it also offers an extra incentive: a unique participation NFT, which also awards Mantle Journey Miles.

Lendle’s Mantle Journey Participant NFT

Our “Lendle’s Mantle Journey Participant” NFT is granted to all participants who complete the entirety of our Galxe campaign. Besides being a piece of Lendle’s history on the Mantle Network, this NFT will also be integrated in the Mantle Journey initiative, granting users extra Mantle Journey Miles!

Additionally, the NFT will present future opportunities to obtain extra rewards and other potential functionalities, on top of offering the ownership of a unique piece of Lendle-inspired art:

Therefore, for users seeking to maximize their Mantle Journey Miles, it is important that they complete the full range of our incentivized on-chain tasks and obtain this NFT.

Although it is currently minted on Polygon, we are working in collaboration with the Mantle team to ensure that this soulbound token be transferred to the Mantle Network ASAP.

Having said this, we want to invite all Mantle Citizens to embark on their Mantle Journey with Lendle today. From Mantle Journey Miles, to a unique NFT, the rewards are aplenty.

So don’t miss on the opportunity to participate in Mantle Journey’s Season Alpha and to get your hands on our unique NFT!