Short term roadmap

Our future steps, outlined.
4 min readSep 5, 2023

With our much-anticipated launch behind us, the Lendle team is overwhelmed with gratitude for the incredible success and unwavering support that we’ve received thus far. To all those who have been part of our journey, we extend a heartfelt thank you.

Up to this point, Lendle has been building following existing protocol paradigms, in order to establish the platform as the premier lending market on the Mantle Network. Today, Lendle stands strong with a solidified position among the top protocols by Total Value Locked, a generous grant from the official Mantle Ecosystem foundation, a network of thriving partnerships across the ecosystem, and a growing community. Thus, it’s safe to say that Lendle has successfully achieved its initial goal.

At the moment of writing, Lendle offers users an array of opportunities:

  • Lending assets;
  • Borrowing assets;
  • Staking $LEND to obtain protocol fees;
  • Locking $LEND to obtain protocol fees and extra $LEND derived from users penalized for their early reward claims;
  • Staking LP tokens acquired through LEND/WMNT deposits on the liquidity pool on FusionX and earn $LEND rewards.

While we have a lot to be satisfied with what Lendle has achieved in just over a month since deployment, we are eagerly anticipating our upcoming endeavors. Many of these revolve around expanding our partnerships and integrations.

Future Integrations and Partnerships.

With Mantle Network still in its infancy stages, we are excited for the upcoming addition of new builders to the ecosystem and for our partnerships and integrations with them, since a thriving ecosystem benefits all participants and comes with a range of opportunities.

Partner DEXes: Dual Emissions

A prime example of the potential future synergy obtained with ecosystem participants is the development of dual emissions with partner DEXes. Builders such as IzUMi Finance, Swapsicle, FusionX, and other Solidly forks are deploying their products and tokens on the Mantle Network, allowing us to further incentivize liquidity provision for our $LEND token with dual reward mechanisms.

Swapsicle, in particular, has already committed to a long-term liquidity program that combines project tokens for incentives.

Auto-compounding vaults with Circuit and waiting for Rivera.

In our quest to enhance user experience, we are currently working on integrating Circuit as our partner for vaults and strategy development on Lendle. This integration will enables us to offer compounding vaults with a seamless user experience.

Moreover, we’re also eagerly awaiting Rivera’s audit completion, as it will enable us to integrate Looping vaults, Leveraged vaults, and more complex strategies.

New Collateral Opportunities

Our pursuit of liquidity expansion extends also to adding new assets that can be used as collateral for borrowing.

In these regards there are two protocols that we will integrate:

  • KUMA, a decentralized protocol issuing interest-bearing tokens backed by regulated NFTs, themselves backed by Real World Assets;
  • QiDAO, an overcollateralized stablecoin protocol, allowing users to mint stablecoins against the value of their decentralized token collaterals.

Our plans for Lendle will see us integrating as collateral both Kuma’s tokenized bonds, which will increase capital efficiency for users, as well as QiDAO’s $MAI token once liquidity becomes available on-chain.

But our collateral expansion doesn’t stop there.
With the growing interest in liquid staking derivatives across the DeFi space, we intend to allow stETH to be used as collateral, as well.

We will also implement Entangle’s Liquid Vaults solution, enabling LP tokens to be deployed effectively as collateral on Lendle.

Axelar/Squid Router Bridge and Swap

Besides collateral expansion and strategic DEX partnerships, we are also busy on developing new functionalities natively on Lendle.
In fact, thanks to our integration with Axelar and Squid Router, Lendle users will be able to access Cross-chain Bridging and Swapping, as well as directly Depositing any token from any chain directly into Lendle’s lending pools, all from our platform’s native UI.

Native Margin Trading with 1Delta

Last but not least, the team also intends to develop an integration with 1Delta, which is a decentralized margin aggregator service.

This integration will provide users with the opportunity to engage in margin trading directly on Lendle, increasing both supply and borrow TVL!

A lot achieved and a lot to come.

Lendle’s journey so far has been marked by success. From solidifying our position as the #1 lending market on Mantle Network, to getting $LEND to be the first token launched by a native Mantle Network protocol, Lendle has been a trailblazer in the Mantle ecosystem.

As we set our eyes firmly on the future, we eagerly anticipate new partnerships, expanded offerings, and a continued dedication to providing our community with cutting-edge DeFi solutions. For this reason, we invite you to stay up to date with our social media channels in order to be the first ones to know when any of these integrations and partnerships have taken place!