The Dawn of Lendle’s Modular Strategy: our Strategic Alliance with 1delta.

Marking the beginning of a new era on Mantle Network’s leading lending market.
3 min readNov 2, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of decentralized finance, the need for innovative and scalable solutions is a constant. At the heart of this transformation is Lendle, the leading lending protocol on the Mantle Network blockchain. Today, we are proud to announce a new dawn in our operational paradigm — the first implementation of a modular strategy that promises to redefine how liquidity is leveraged in DeFi. The initial stepping stone of this new era is our collaboration with 1delta, a protocol that’s poised to set a new standard in margin trading.

Lendle: The Liquidity Layer

With Lendle, we’re not just facilitating loans; we’re engineering a liquidity layer that underpins an entire DeFi ecosystem. With over $4M lent and borrowed across various liquidity markets, Lendle is at the forefront of unlocking potential in DeFi for users and partners alike. The integration with 1delta marks a significant milestone, making our liquidity more accessible and user-friendly, thereby promoting further adoption of our platform and attracting a broader customer base.

A Partnership That Speaks Volumes

Our alliance with 1delta isn’t just a mere collaboration; it’s a testament to Lendle’s commitment to creating a fertile ground for innovation. By inviting third-party dApps to construct their platforms atop Lendle’s robust liquidity layer, we are not only bolstering the surrounding Mantle Network DeFi ecosystem but also enriching the experience for users across the board.

1delta: the Forefront of DeFi Margin Trading on Mantle Network

1delta, our first partner in this modular strategy, is pioneering single-click margin trading within the DeFi space. As a margin trading protocol, 1delta can build leveraged positions, all without manual looping, providing amplified long/short exposure to assets. On top of this, 1delta also enables advanced yield-farming strategies such as leveraged staking — all through the 1delta interface.

Seamless Integration, Optimized Liquidity

The core of the 1delta protocol interlaces lending and exchange protocols, aggregating their liquidity to secure the most competitive rates in DeFi. The protocol is innately composable, inviting third-party innovators to introduce new applications and protocols that extend the utility of this new “money lego.”

1delta’s Launch

With the launch of its beta, 1delta is pioneering margin trading in Mantle Network’s DeFi landscape. 1delta introduces an integration with our partners at FusionX and plans to incorporate more DEXes in the future. 1delta’s proprietary route optimizer guarantees that users receive the best possible exchange rates on Mantle, factoring in multi-hop swaps and split routes across the most liquid DEXes. In addition, all deposits are made directly into our lending protocol, reducing smart contract risk as much as possible.

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The Financial Edge: Low Fees, High Yield

1delta’s margin trading protocol stands out with its low borrowing rates, allowing the construction of cost-effective positions compared to perps. Combined with Mantle Network’s low trading fees, this positions DeFi trading through 1delta as an attractive proposition for trades of all sizes.

You can find a fee calculator on 1delta’s website.

Innovation Never Stops

Looking ahead, 1delta’s ambitious roadmap promises to refine the trading experience with new key features and UX optimization, infusing a centralized finance-like experience powered by decentralized technology. The proliferation of liquidity on Mantle Network is expected to broaden the asset base significantly, providing users with a wealth of trading options.

Join Lendle’s Modular Future with 1delta

With 1delta, embarking on margin positions or sophisticated yield-farming strategies is effortlessly within reach. We invite you to experience this first-hand by checking out the 1delta dapp or by joining their Mantle Network beta program.

Make sure to also follow 1delta on X and join their Telegram or Discord to get support from the community.

Having said this, Lendle’s modular strategy marks the start of a new chapter in DeFi’s story — one where adaptability, collaboration, and innovation are not just buzzwords but the foundational pillars of a thriving ecosystem.

Welcome to the modular future of Lendle!