Zealy: A New Approach

3 min readApr 23, 2024



In our continuous effort to foster a vibrant and engaged community, we are excited to announce significant changes to how we utilize the Zealy platform. So far, our focus has been on leveraging Zealy during specific project sprints, primarily to boost participation through targeted airdrops. However, to cultivate a more dynamic and consistently active community, we are evolving our strategy.

Ongoing Engagement Beyond Sprints

While sprints have been effective in driving short-term engagement, we recognize the importance of sustained interaction within our community. Therefore, we are transitioning to a more continuous model of community engagement on Zealy. Instead of confining our activities to sprints, we will now support and reward our community members on an ongoing basis.

This shift means that active community members who regularly participate in platform activities will be eligible for rewards. Our objective is to encourage our users to ‘level up’ by engaging in semi-daily quests and contributing to the community more consistently.

New Reward System Based on XP Level

To align rewards more closely with individual contributions, we are introducing a new system where tokens will be distributed based on XP levels on Zealy. This approach ensures that the rewards are merit-based and reflect the efforts and loyalty of our community members. By doing so, we aim to incentivize meaningful participation and to foster a sense of accomplishment and progression among users.

XP and Levelling Up: Earn, Grow, and Unlock

The XP system is central to our new engagement model. Here’s how it works:

  • Earn XP: Every quest completed on Zealy earns you Experience Points (XP). The more challenging the quest, the higher the XP reward. This system ensures that your effort and time investment are adequately recognized and rewarded.
  • Level Up: As your XP accumulates, your Zealy profile will level up. Each new level is a milestone in your Zealy journey, marking your growth and active participation.

Strategic Airdrops to Promote Long-term Engagement

A key component of our new strategy involves a deliberate change in how we handle airdrops. Unlike before, the timing of these airdrops will not be announced in advance. This decision is rooted in our commitment to cultivating organic, long-term participation from our community members.

The rationale behind this approach is multifaceted:

  1. Discouraging Airdrop Hunters
    By not pre-announcing airdrops, we mitigate the risk of attracting individuals who are primarily motivated by the prospect of quick rewards. These ‘airdrop hunters’ typically participate transiently, contributing minimally to the community’s long-term goals.
  2. Encouraging Genuine Engagement
    With airdrops tied to unpredictable times and linked to XP levels, members are incentivized to stay active and engaged continuously. This setup rewards those who are genuinely invested in the community’s success, rather than those who participate sporadically with the sole aim of collecting airdrops.
  3. Building a Committed Community Base
    This strategy helps in building a stable and committed community. Members who engage regularly will benefit from unexpected rewards, reinforcing positive behavior and loyalty to the platform.


The evolution of our engagement strategy on Zealy represents a significant shift towards building a more sustainable and engaged community. By rewarding ongoing participation and introducing a level of unpredictability in our reward distribution, we aim to attract and retain individuals who are genuinely interested in contributing to and growing with our community. We believe these changes will not only enhance the quality of interactions on Zealy but also ensure that our community remains vibrant and thriving in the long run. We look forward to seeing our members rise to new challenges and achieve greater heights together.